Thank You.

It is my sincere hope that you and those you care about in this world will gain some benefit and insight by reading this book.  In an age that is as narcissistic as ours is, it is difficult to judge whether or not one’s thoughts are truly worth sharing with others, or carry any benefit beyond the borders of one’s own imagination.  If there were not others who expressed their belief that some things that I have to say based on my experiences were or would be helpful to others on their journey on life’s path, I would never have put these thoughts in a boat and pushed it out to sea.  I trust that the boat will encounter steady winds and find its way to ports where its cargo is useful.  If you decide to walk some of my journey with me, you are welcome on this road.  If you feel you must delay this journey until later, I hope I will still be there to join you when you appear.  Either way, bonne chance, and God speed.

Many Great Ways to Experience The Unexpected Journey:

  • Motivational resource for life coaching
  • Inspiration for those needing help through troubled times
  • Educational for caregivers of Parkinsons patients
  • Raise awareness of effects of neurodegenerative condition
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