Preface from Book

The aphorisms that you will find scattered throughout this book were a project that grew out of my morning walks in 2003-2004. This was a particularly depressing time, having gone through a divorce, which included a number of other losses: the loss of the affection of my children; the loss of my law practice; the loss of my ability to work at my chosen (or any other) profession or job; and the loss of my financial resources. It was also the beginning of my recovery from eight years of compulsive gambling. At this time, the only hours that I could count on being physically and mentally functional at the same time were the two hours after I woke in the morning, a phenomena that many with Parkinson’s Disease have in common.

Every day without fail during this period I took long walks and tried to remain focus on one particular aspect of life. By the end of a 7 or 8 mile walk, my ruminating usually produced what I came to call a ‘Life Rule.” Knowing that might sound a bit pedantic and authoritarian, I have since referred to them as lodestones, or naturally magnetic rocks, picked up along my walk. In middle English, lodestone also meant “leading stone.” And leading stones they are, having led me to bring into focus many aspects of life that remained unexamined prior to my diagnosis.

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